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Gretchen Berry Design Co. is a boutique stationery studio, located in Minneapolis, MN, that specializes in bridal and all things bash!  In an industry full of choices, GBDC stands out in large part because of its proven ability to create high quality customized invitations and accompanying collections that are unique and personally meaningful to its clients.  To achieve this level of service, GBDC extends to its clients the opportunity to collaborate closely with an attentive designer who will create beautiful and carefully crafted invitation suites.

Every suite designed by GBDC is truly one-of-a-kind. We believe that each story is unique and so should your invitation. No other person will have your design. We pride ourselves on creating, designing, and producing the most creative, personalized, customized and innovative suites.

When your event is over, one of the last tangible pieces to remain is your invitation. Let Gretchen Berry Design Co. design your perfect invitation...let us design your story!

About Gretchen Berry

My career in the stationery industry unwittingly began back in June of 1999.  At that time I was attending art school at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and took a part time job with Susan Gray’s Give My Regards To organization (now Amy Zaroff Events + Design).  My original intention was to work for Susan until I left school and found a job as a photographer.  However, during my tenure at GMRT, I took an interest in the stationery and graphic design aspect of the business. My interest quickly turned into a passion and a realization that this is what I wanted for my career.  As such, I immersed myself and began learning the fundamentals of the stationery business from talented designers, some of whom possessed 20+ years of industry experience.  When Amy Zaroff bought the company in 2004, she further developed the business into a full-blown events and design company that became the platform from which my design career was officially launched.  Over the next 8 years, I continued to refine my skills and develop many valuable industry relationships and strategic partnerships.  Then finally, in early 2012, I decided to strike out on my own and launch Gretchen Berry Design Co.  It is a business built on solid fundamentals and 18 years of travail and unique experiences.  It is a true reflection of me and my unwavering passion for design.  It is an unique concept that allows me to stand out amongst and apart from other designers.